Building Electrification: Climate, Health, Equity

Resources and Organizations

The resources below and the downloadable list are constantly evolving as we learn about new resources. There are many wonderful organizations working on building decarbonization and related issues. If you would like to suggest a resource to be added here, please email

THANK YOU SF Bay PSR Interns Alma Hernandez for work on resources and community survey; Lilah Blalock for the infographics series; and Jasmine Campos for the Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet! Thank you to the team at National PSR and the Energy Foundation for all their support!

RESOURCE LIST: CLICK HERE to download a list of 100 plus building electrification and health harms of gas appliances resources.

SF Bay PSR TALKING POINTS: Building Electrification Public Testimony Key Points


VIEW: SF Bay PSR: Health Harms of Gas Stoves Infographic Series

DOWNLOAD: SF Bay PSR: Health Harms of Gas Stoves Infographic Series, please share!

PSR National: PSR Gas Stove Pollution Fact Sheet (Thank you SF Bay PSR Intern Jasmine Campos!)
SF Bay PSR: Health Harms of Gas Stoves Patient Brochure (Thank you Andrea Eckstein Gara!)
SF Bay PSR: Estufas de Gas: Impactos en la Salud de Niños (Thank you Peninsula Clean Energy for the translation!)
RMI: All Electrical Homes: A Health Professional’s Guide, a Toolkit, (Thank you RMI!)

PSR, Los Angeles: The Health Implications of Indoor Air Pollution, Electrification, and Decarbonization
PSR National: Find BE Resources from National and other PSR Chapters here
PSR, Mothers Out Front, RMI, Sierra Club: REPORT: Gas Stoves: Health and Air Quality Impacts and Solutions
UC Berkeley School of Public Health: Leaks from gas stoves can create toxic levels of hazardous air pollutants
PSE Full Report: Measuring Air Quality Impacts of Gas Stove Leaks (They found 10 toxic pollutants include benzene which is a carcinogen.)

Scientific American: California is Closing the Door to Gas in New Homes

Earth Justice, SF Bay PSR, Climate Health Now: Amicus brief filed in the 9th Circuit supporting Berkeley’s ordinance on new gas hookups, and spelling out the public health dangers of gas appliance use. Filed by Earth Justice with help from SF Bay PSR and Climate Health Now.

California Environmental Justice Alliance on California’s 2022 Climate Action (Scoping) Plan

California Air Resources Board (CARB): Building Decarbonization


WATCH HERE our 2023 event, Extreme Heat: The Deadliest Climate-Related Health Hazard: How can we advocate for health and equity protections? broadcast on May 18, 2023. The expert panel of speakers covered heat-related health issues; what we need to do locally following the recent Air District vote to phase out gas furnaces and ensure an equitable and just transition to heat-cooling pumps and protected electricity access; and what we can all do on the state-level to advocate for policies and regulations that ensure equal access to cooling and health protections, and a just transition to renewable energy and electrification. Speakers included: Jessica Tovar of Local Clean Energy Alliance; Dr. Robin Cooper of SF Bay PSR and Climate Psychiatry Alliance; Edgar Barraza, Michael Ricon of PSR-LA; and Dr. Rupa Basu of the CA EPA.

WATCH HERE our 2022 event, Building Electrification: Climate, Health, Equity, broadcast on April 27, 2022, a two-hour special on the health harms of gas appliances and the benefits of electric homes to health and the environment, featuring Emma Hines of RMI; Jessica Guadalupe Tovar of Local Clean Energy Alliance; Krystal Pollitt of Environmental Health Sciences at Yale; and Zach Williams of PSR National

WATCH HERE our 2021 event, Electrification of Buildings: Climate, Health, Justice, broadcast on April 28, 2021, featuring Diane Bailey of Menlo Spark; Brady Seals of RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings program; and Antonio Díaz of PODER—People Organizing to Demand Economic and Environmental Right.

PBS NEWS HOUR: Cooking Without Gas