Dear SF Bay PSR Members and Supporters,

The events that took place on January 6 in Washington, DC, where an unruly mob of Trump supporters, egged on by the President, his family, and other close advisors, stormed and briefly occupied the US Capitol, were shocking and deeply disturbing. Particularly so because the purported aim of the effort was to disrupt the certification of federal election results and thereby disenfranchise tens of millions of voters.

Further, the vast difference between the overwhelming police and military presence that confronted Black Lives Matter protestors in July and the much milder treatment accorded to the Trump partisans, some of whom were armed, was another stark reminder that even in the loftiest places of power, unequal treatment before the law remains firmly fixed in place.

As of this moment, we don’t know whether any of the proposed measures to hold President Trump accountable for his actions will be successful. Still, we agree with many of our allies and partner organizations that his actions were egregious and pose a continuing threat to our democracy.

If you agree, this may be a good time to call, email, or write to your federal representatives and let your voice be heard. You can find your representatives’ contact information by clicking on this link.

We at San Francisco Bay PSR celebrate the upcoming changes in personnel and policies at the White House, federal regulatory bodies, and the US Senate.

We can’t know what the next days might bring, or the months following the end of the Trump administration, but no matter what comes, SF Bay PSR pledges to remain focused on creating a more healthy, just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Also, read National PSR’s response here: A Clear and Present Threat.

Happy New Year! Stay healthy and safe.

Randall Miller, PhD
San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility


The first 100 days of a new presidential administration are critical to achieving objectives over the next four years. Now is the time to tell the Biden-Harris administration and your congressional representatives what you want to see in a “Green New Deal.”

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