Below please find actions you can take on the local, state, and federal levels, to protect the environment, defend health, and demand justice, including anti-nuclear weapons and military spending reduction policy advocacy.

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n 2024, we are advocating for the phase out of toxic fossil fuel extraction, production, and use in California and for a just transition to a HEALTHIER, electric economy based on renewable energy. We are also continuing to advocate for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the protection of communities harmed by nuclear testing and industries.

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We need as many health voices as possible to counter the powerful influence of the gas and oil industry over our CA legislature!


Exciting updates below!

  • CALL or EMAIL: Health Professional Letter for Health Warning Labels on Gas Stoves
  • SIGN: Health Professional Letter to Protect CA Neighborhoods from Oil Well Pollution
  • TELL Governor and Reps to Save Rooftop Solar
  • Peace Advocacy in the New Year: Please click here to read our newsletter and take actions to address violence in Israel and Gaza
  • Keep Coal Out of Oakland: Oaklanders, please place a sign in your front yard
  • Ask San Francisco to fund their Climate Plan
  • Urge U.S. Representatives to abolish nuclear weapons, H. Res. 77
  • Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
  • Sign: No Nuclear War over Ukraine
  • Demand the Cleanup of Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco
  • And more below

Support Health Warning Labels on Gas Stoves

Sponsored by CALPIRG and supported by SF Bay PSR, Climate Health Now, among others

More than four decades of research shows that gas stoves are producing dangerous air pollution indoors – increasing the risk of childhood asthma and other respiratory problems, but this risk has largely been hidden from the public.

AB 2513 would require all gas stoves manufactured on or after January 2025 and sold in California to have a warning label detailing the health risks associated with pollutants emitted from gas stoves.

Californians have the right to know that the fumes from gas stoves can make us sick. As medical professionals, we can only educate our patients, but labels on appliances would allow every Californian to make an informed choice about their family’s health before purchasing a stove.


UPDATE: AB 2513 passed in the CA Assembly and will be voted on in the CA Senator soon!

CALL or EMAIL your CA Senator and ask them to support AB2523.

Find your CA state senator here.

Sample script:

“Hi, my name is….and I am a [state your health profession] /  health advocate. I am calling to urge you to vote for AB 2513 that will require health warning labels on gas stoves sold in California. More than four decades of research shows that gas stoves are producing dangerous air pollution indoors – increasing the risk of childhood asthma and other respiratory problems, but this risk has largely been hidden from the public. Californians have the right to know that the fumes from gas stoves can make us sick.”

If you are a health care provider, you could add: “As a medical professional, I can only educate my patients, but labels on appliances would allow every Californian to make an informed choice about their family’s health before purchasing a stove.”


* * *


Bravo to SF Bay PSR Member Dr. Bret Andrews for giving testimony in April to support AB2513. Left to right: Dr. Bret Andrews of SF Bay PSR; Professor Rob Jackson of Stanford; and Assembly Member Gail Pellerin.

NEW STUDY: Professor Rob Jackson of Stanford released a new study that found gas stoves are a major source of indoor nitrogen dioxide pollution, and expose people to NO2 levels in their homes that exceed EPA & WHO safety levels. The study also shows that low-income households & families of color are exposed to more gas stove NO2 pollution than the national average. Gas stove pollution is a health hazard and contributes to racial health disparities. READ MORE.

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Protect Californians’ Health & Safety from Toxic Oil Drilling

Supported by SF Bay PSR, PSR-LA, and many other organizations across California

Join us!

As health professionals, we have an important role to play in stopping the fossil fuel industry’s shameless attempt to overturn a common-sense law enacted by California’s elected leaders. SB1137 prohibits toxic oil drilling within 3,200 feet of healthcare facilities, homes, schools, day care centers, parks, and businesses.

This year, we are expecting the oil industry to spend millions flooding voters with disinformation about the law in the run-up to a November statewide ballot referendum.

Research shows that living near an oil well increases the risk of asthma, birth defects, high risk pregnancy, respiratory illnesses and cancer, and that the risks are greatest within half a mile. Today, more than 2 million Californians are exposed to the most toxic emissions and communities of color are the most harmed by neighborhood drilling.

Protect the health and safety of Californians from toxic oil drilling. 


As health professionals, we call on Californians to Keep the Law (SB1137) this coming November and protect neighborhoods from oil and gas drilling.

1. SIGN: Health Professionals’ letter to Keep the Law (SB1137)

Note: This sign-on form is owned by PSR-LA, and they will not use or share your contact info.

READ the full letter here.
READ updates here.

2. SHARE with your friends and colleagues: Help us meet our goal by signing and then circulating to your contacts.

3. NOTE: if an organization or institution you work with would like to endorse the campaign, please use THIS FORM instead.

Thank you!

READING: Inside Climate News: History of Racism Leaves Black Californians Most at Risk from Oil and Gas Drilling, New Research Shows

Save Rooftop Solar in CA, an ongoing battle!

Sponsored by Solar Rights Alliance

Rooftop solar has been jeopardized in California because of a string of reckless decisions made by the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) at the behest of the utilities. They are working to end net metering, charge solar taxes and other penalties for having solar panels, and even take control of your panels and the electricity they generate. The new solar-user rules, net metering 3 (NEM 3.0), went into effect in April of 2023, and by December, year-over-year sales were down 77-85% and 17,000 solar workers lost their jobs.

  • Before NEM 3.0, rooftop solar was growing fastest in middle and working class neighborhoods.
  • Now, everyday people have fewer options to control skyrocketing utility bills. And rooftop solar is no longer financially viable for most apartment buildings, farmers, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Also, the state says rooftop solar must triple in order to meet the CA’s goal of getting 100% of our electricity from clean energy. That won’t happen unless rooftop solar becomes more affordable.
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WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? Utility profits!

  • Utilities make profits by spending more money – your money – building and maintaining long-distance power lines.
  • Because rooftop solar reduces the need to spend as much money on giant wind farms and power lines, utilities make less profit if rooftop solar keeps growing.
  • However, utilities still stand to make tons of profit in the years to come, even with rooftop solar. Yet, they are still trying to kill rooftop solar.
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Thankfully, a group of state legislators have proposed a series of bills to fix the situation and get rooftop solar growing again.


Tell Governor Newsom and your state legislators to support the series of bills to protect rooftop solar in CA.

EMAIL them here using Solar Rights Alliance’s easy tool.

READ MORE about the series of bills HERE.

In short, the bills would do the following:

  • Reduce fees and taxes on residential solar projects in California.
  • Repeal NEM 3.0, restore incentives for solar panels
  • Require the CPUC to develop new rules aligned with the state’s clean energy goals.
  • Address the negative impacts of NEM 3.0 on the solar industry, including job losses and reduced solar sales
  • Aim to ensure California remains on track to achieve 100% clean energy by 2045.

Thank you!


Solar Rights Alliance Blog: CPUC blocks rooftop solar for farms, schools, and many renters. Will state lawmakers overrule them?

KQED CA Morning Report: Solar Industry Battered by New California Rule

LA Times: California needs to get its act together on rooftop solar

READ MORE at Solar Rights Alliance

Health Care and Public Health Professionals Call to Immediate Action to Address the Violence in Israel and Gaza and Its Health Consequences

Initiated by the Peace Caucus in affiliation with the American Public Health Association (APHA)

As health care and public health professionals, we unequivocally condemn terrorist attacks against civilians and violence during war against civilians. International law recognizes attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure as crimes against humanity and, when committed during war, as war crimes. The medical and public health consequences of this violence against civilians in Israel and Gaza have been and continue to be horrendous and catastrophic.

The health harms of violence to civilians extend well beyond morbidity and mortality from explosives and other weapons. Forced displacement and restriction of access to food, water, shelter, health care, and medicine lead to widespread suffering, illness, and death.  When people live in crowded conditions during war, they are at increased risk of tuberculosis and other respiratory disorders. When they are denied access to safe water, they develop dehydration and potentially fatal diarrheal diseases, such as cholera.

Malnutrition makes people vulnerable to infectious diseases and causes long-term consequences on health and development. When people with diabetes, epilepsy, or chronic heart or lung disease cannot get their basic medications, they are at increased risk of serious complications and death. When pregnant women do not receive medical care and adequate nutrition, they are at increased risk of potentially fatal complications and delivering premature or low-birthweight infants. During war and terrorist attacks, exposure to violence and the threat of violence also causes mental health problems, which can persist for years afterward.

In addition, war violates human rights, damages critical infrastructure and housing, and diverts resources that support people’s health. It also contributes to environmental contamination, pollution, and degradation as well as climate change.

We call on all parties directly and indirectly involved in the violence in Israel and Gaza and its consequences to immediately:

1.    End the violence against all civilians and ensure their security;
2.    Free all hostages;
3.    Protect all health care workers and health care facilities;
4.    Ensure that humanitarian assistance is promptly provided; and
5.    Begin to build sustainable peace by ensuring human rights and justice for all.

We also call on health care and public health professionals, as well as their employers and professional organizations, to promote and support these actions.

Robert M. Gould, MD, chair, Peace Caucus and SF Bay PSR president
Patrice Sutton, MPH, co-program chair, Peace Caucus and SF Bay PSR Environmental Health Committee co-chair
Barry S. Levy, MD, MPH, Peace Caucus member, and past president of the American Public Health Association



We invite you to sign the call above, strongly supported by the Board of SF Bay PSR, which we hope to use to advance broader efforts to cease the violence and begin to build peace and justice for all people in the region.


THANK YOU for taking action.


Keep Coal Out of Oakland!
Add a yard sign in front of your Oakland home or business to show your support!

On July 10, a trial began pitting would-be coal developers against the City of Oakland. The City aims to enforce its 2018 termination of the developers’ lease because they failed to meet construction deadlines written into their contract. The developers are pressing for clearance to build a coal shipping terminal and for hyperinflated damage claims, on the pretext that the City is to blame for their failure to meet terms of a contract to which they themselves agreed.

If the developers prevail, they plan to ship coal overseas from the Oakland waterfront for decades, blanketing West Oakland with toxic coal dust that will cause serious damage to Oaklanders’ health … while escalating climate-changing emissions to which burning coal, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, is a principal contributor.

Yard signs throughout the city will show that Oaklanders still reject a coal terminal on Oakland’s waterfront, as we did years ago in polls and (unanimously) through the Oakland City Council in 2016.

The yard sign (graphic shown above) will include a QR code and a URL pointing to an informational web page that will be updated as the situation develops. The No Coal in Oakland website has a wealth of information about the issues at trial, as well as the history of Oakland’s campaign against the proposed coal terminal.


Do you live or work in Oakland? Will you help dramatize Oakland’s opposition to coal by placing a sign in your yard (or a large window)?

Contact or SF Bay PSR Board Member, Dr. Jan Kirsch at to have a Keep Coal Out Of Oakland yard sign delivered to your home or business. Please let them know the address where you will display (and to which they can deliver) your sign; your cross-street(s) and City Council district would be helpful too.

And they welcome your help distributing signs throughout the city.
Please respond to either email address if you can help distribute signs.

Thank you for your support!

The coalition coordinating this campaign includes: No Coal in Oakland, 350 East Bay, Youth vs. Apocalypse, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, SF Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility, Sierra Club, SF Baykeeper, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, West Oakland Neighbors, Interfaith Council of Alameda County, Faith in Action

UPDATED: Tell Mayor Breed and Supervisors to Fund San Francisco’s Climate Plan

Sponsored by SF Climate Emergency Coalition, including SF Bay PSR

A UC Berkeley Center for Law Energy and the Environment (CLEE) report recommended that the first step toward funding SF’s Climate plan should be a general obligation bond. See page nine of the Executive Summary.


Make your health voice heard! Tell Mayor Breed and the Supervisors that the City of San Francisco must do its part to address climate change by incorporating climate goals and actions into every aspect of city planning and to ensure the Climate Plan is fully funded.

1. CALL: Please call your Supervisors

Connie Chan (chair) 415-554-7410,
Rafael Mandelman 415-554-6968,
Hilary Ronen 415-554-5144,
Shamann Walton 415-554-7670,
Ahsha Safai 415-554-6975,
President Aaron Peskin 415-554-7450,

2. WRITE: Or write a short email to the Supervisors.
Email Clerk of the Committee with File #230265 in the subject line.
Copy President Peskin on the letter for sure, and the other 5 Supervisors if you wish.

MORE INFO about the battle to gain funding for SF’s Climate Plan:

The San Francisco Climate Emergency Coalition has been actively meeting with the mayor’s budget staff and supervisors.

San Francisco has an ambitious Climate Action Plan (CAP), which Mayor London Breed proudly introduced in 2021. Confusingly, in the past two city budget cycles, she funded it at $0. The city is in danger of missing its climate goals without serious efforts to fund and implement the CAP.

After years of inaction, the passage of the federal Inflation Reduction Act means the US finally has a fighting chance at meeting our climate goals. But the IRA is just the start — now we have to do the hard work of implementation, everywhere. Cities, including San Francisco, have a critical role to play to ensure we get to net-zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, San Francisco is already behind. This year, the San Francisco Environment Department (SFE) is requesting $7 million for staffing and programs essential for achieving the CAP on schedule. This is a minuscule amount in the city’s overall $14 BILLION budget.

The climate crisis impacts the city in countless ways. It is a public health crisis, and funding climate initiatives will improve residents’ and the planet’s health. Such initiatives are also critical to address environmental justice and equity issues in San Francisco and improve the lives of underserved, low-income, and BIPOC communities. Climate initiatives will attract more businesses and tourists, create jobs, and elevate the status of San Francisco as a world-class city.

Mayors around the world are leading on aggressive climate policies in their cities. It’s time for Mayor Breed to show that she is a serious leader who recognizes that climate action is the path to a livable, equitable, and rejuvenated San Francisco, by committing to funding $7 million for SFE in her 2023-2024 budget and to a city bond that would help fund building electrification and other climate friendly projects.

Tell Your U.S. House Representative to Show Leadership on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons by Cosponsoring H. Res. 77

Last month, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved their iconic Doomsday Clock ahead to 90 seconds before midnight, the closest it’s ever come to symbolic global apocalypse. It’s time for action and leadership—especially from members of Congress whose voice and votes help shape U.S. nuclear weapons policies and the decisions of the Executive Branch.


WRITE HERE, a template is provided.

Write to your Congressional representative today to urge them to co-sponsor H. Res 77, a resolution introduced by Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) and and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) that calls on the United States to embrace the goals and provisions of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and to adopt Back from the Brink’s common sense policies for preventing nuclear war.

Feel free to personalize your letter, including if you live in an area that has adopted a BftB resolution as a way to demonstrate broad constituent support for H. Res. 77.

Prevent California from a Nuclear Disaster

UPDATE: SB 846 passed. This is bad news!

The aging Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant that is near four earthquake faults will remain active for at least five more years.

We remain OPPOSED to the continued operation of the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant for these reasons:

  • It was built on the presumption of no active earthquake faults within 30 kilometers, it is now known there are 4 nearby active faults capable of larger quakes than the plant was designed for. One fault comes within 600 meters of the plant.
  • The reactors are aging, with critical upgrades having been avoided because of the presumed shutdown in 2025.
  • The attacks on the Zaporizhzhia reactor complex in Ukraine remind the world of the vulnerability of such plants to attack by adversaries / hackers, whether governments or terrorists, and the potential for massive radiation release.
  • Spending billions of dollars on the aging Diablo nuclear plant would steal resources that should be used for far more cost-effective renewables and storage, essential for dealing with climate change.

No Nuclear War over Ukraine

Supported by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, SF Bay PSR, PSR National, and others

SF Bay PSR continues to stand with our global allies in support of the Ukrainian people. We have all been feeling a bit overwhelmed by Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine and the new United Nations Climate Change report. But history has proven that we can achieve power and hope when we take action alongside others who are standing up across the globe for peace and a healthy planet. Join us!

As of August 4, 2022, more than a million people have signed! Let’s keep it going!


As healthcare professionals, we call for NATO and the Russian Federation to renounce the use of nuclear weapons in this conflict and for an immediate cease fire and the withdrawal of all Russian military forces. We are extremely concerned about the heightened risks of nuclear harms, including from the use of nuclear weapons and from potential damage to the 15 nuclear power plants in the region. We must protect Ukraine’s people and sovereignty. Our own government must work for immediate and long-term diplomatic solutions that will provide for true security, both at home and abroad. And we must follow Ukraine’s lead in their negotiations for peace.

CLICK HERE for more info on our efforts to support peace in Ukraine.

Aude Bouagnon at BVHP Rally

SF Bay PSR Board Member Dr. Aude Bouagnon spoke at a rally on Earth Day 2021 to support Bayview Hunters Point community efforts to advocate for the clean up of toxic wastes harming the health of residents. Photo by Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai.

Demand the Cleanup of Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco

Contact San Francisco Mayor Breed & Board of Supervisors to ask them to ACT NOW:

● Declare a Public Health Emergency in Bayview Hunters Point and Treasure Island!
● Declare a moratorium on shipyard development and Lennar’s unsafe soil excavation!
● Conduct full retesting, safe cleanup and removal of all radioactive and toxic contamination at Hunters Point Shipyard Superfund Site & Treasure Island!

The San Francisco Hunters Point Naval Shipyard site was home to a Naval shipyard repair facility from 1945 to 1974 and the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory (NRDL) from 1948 to 1960. These facilities contaminated soil, dust, sediments, surface water and groundwater with toxic chemicals, heavy metals, PCBs, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radionuclides.

We are honored to support the Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates in their efforts to fight for environmental justice.


Please join SF Bay PSR to support Bayview Hunters Point Mothers and Fathers Committee, Marie Harrison Community Foundation, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Youth Vs. Apocalypse and other allies to demand a FULL cleanup of ALL contamination at the Hunters Point Shipyard Superfund Site and adjacent areas.

KEEP THE PRESSURE ON the Biden-Harris Administration

Let’s keep the pressure on the Biden-Harris administration and your congressional representatives. Tell them you want to see in a “Green New Deal” that justly transitions us to a green economy.

Support the Thrive Agenda and contact your representatives. Supported by 200 grassroots organizations and 83 members of Congress, the Thrive Agenda is a roadmap to a just recovery from our climate crisis, the global pandemic, and the intertwining of persistent racial injustice, Make your voice heard!

Also, please support the Third Reconstruction resolution, introduced on May 24, 2021, by Congresswomen Barbara Lee and Pramila Jayapal, in collaboration with the Poor People’s Campaign, “Realizing a Third Reconstruction: A Moral and Political Commitment to Fully Address Poverty and Low-Wealth in America by Building Up from the Bottom.”

Please help us to continue to make taking action easy for more health advocates.