Social Justice

Black Lives Matter


Our SF Bay PSR chapter joins with National PSR and other local chapters in condemning the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others who have been killed simply for “living while Black.” Like many people around the world, we watched in horror while a white police officer with seemingly no concern pinned George Floyd to the ground and held him there with a knee to his neck for nine long minutes.

As health care professionals, we are all too aware of the physical damage that such brutal force wreaks on the human body, let alone the emotional and psychological harm done to those forced to watch their child, parent, sibling, or spouse be subjected to such inhumane treatment.

In mourning the death of George Floyd, we stand in solidarity with protesters across the U.S. and around the world who demand expedited criminal justice reform, and an end to police violence and the over-policing of Black and Brown people. But our concern must go deeper than this. As the COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted vast inequities in care and treatment, income and wealth, and divisions of labor, the murder of George Floyd, and the protests that followed cast in sharp relief long-standing structures of racial inequality and white supremacy.

More resources can be found on our Advocacy Tools page.

In upcoming weeks and months, San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility will not be silent. We commit to using our voice and influence to hold accountable police and local, state, and national lawmakers and pledge to work to dismantle unjust policies and practices that cause continued harm, and even death, to Black and Brown people.