Sarah Abdelrahman has left her internship with us to complete a master’s degree in public health at UC Berkeley. When she graduates, she would like to work with a non-profit organization that focuses on health and conflict, specifically water, sanitation, and hygiene in conflict settings in the Middle East. Her goal is to find a career that impacts the lives of people who live in war and conflict zones by finding long-term and effective methods that improve their health and living situations. We wish her all the best with her career goals and look forward to her continued work with SF Bay PSR, especially the event on November 3 that she is planning with Board Member Dr. Rohini Haar on climate, global health, refugees, and activism.

We asked Sarah what were the three things she enjoyed most about her internship. Here is her answer.
1. Policy is really important to making change, and as public health professionals we must continue to be active in the policy world.
2. Continue to educate yourself. I love how everyone at SF Bay PSR shares so many relevant articles and events! SF Bay PSR even has a racial equity reading group! As a current MPH student, I always thought that once I’m done with school, I’ll stop learning and start working, but the world is changing so fast, in order to keep up I need to continue to educate myself.
3. Our work is so very interconnected. Before joining SF Bay PSR, I could have never imagined the connection between dermatology and climate change. Everyone comes from different professional backgrounds and yet environmental health is important to all of our work.

Thank you Sarah for all your excellent work with SF Bay PSR over the past year!