SIGNED: California Building Decarbonization Package: SB 30, SB 31, SB 32 & SB 37 (Cortese).

SF Bay PSR is supporting this bill package because a just transition to zero-emission buildings is absolutely critical to ensure that California reaches the state’s current climate goals.

The State Air Resources Board finds that California’s building energy use accounts for almost 25

percent of our statewide GHG emissions. Because a third of California’s 2045 building stock will be built between now and 2045, decarbonizing newly constructed buildings is key to reaching the state’s fossil fuel reduction targets, including returning the state to its 1990 GHG emission levels by 2020, going 40% below our 1990 GHG emission levels by 2030, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. In general, all-electric “decarbonized” buildings cost less to build to code than those requiring additional gas infrastructure. They also enhance indoor and outdoor air quality, reduce safety risks associated with gas, and improve public health.

READ MORE: SB 30 Fact Sheet and Bill Text; SB 31 Fact Sheet and Bill Text; SB 32 Fact Sheet and Bill Text; SB 37 Fact Sheet and Bill Text