Bravo to SF Bay PSR Board Members Dr. Tova Fuller and Dr. Michael J. Martin for their recent op-ed in the SF Chronicle March 15, 2022!

Dear Friends,

This is why I came back.

Because PSR has always connected the dots. And that is why, after four decades, SF Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility is more relevant today than ever before.

Will you join me in supporting our work to address the gravest threats to human health?

While we honor and work with many single-issue health organizations, SF Bay PSR and PSR National have always worked on multiple threats because as we know, they are all connected. Our society dehumanizes people in our own communities making it easier to wage war against our neighbors, pollutes the environment and causes global conflicts over oil and gas, and propagates the myth that maintaining a “safe level” of nuclear weapons is a deterrence to nuclear war. Clinicians and public health professionals know better! Prevention is the only cure.

Please read this powerful Op-Ed by SF Bay PSR Board Members Dr. Tova Fuller
and Dr. Michael J. Martin in the SF Chronicle:
“How a nuclear disaster in Ukraine could bring the war to our doorstep in a moment’s notice”

I led SF Bay PSR for more than ten years and recently came back as the chapter’s manager because our work addressing these interconnected issues —nuclear weapons, climate change, racial and social injustice— makes us the strongest organization to move forward in this moment as the nuclear powers are close to unleashing hell on our planet.

SF Bay PSR needs your financial support in order to increase our organizing with medical/public health associations, expand our student/internship program, increase our provider education trainings, and expand our advocacy/lobbying work.

Will you join me today with a donation so we can continue our critical work?

Consider it a Welcome Home gift! Or a Keep Saving the Planet gift! Together we will keep raising our voice, organizing clinicians and public health professionals, and making sure our local, state, and federal public policies adhere to the “do no harm” medical creed.

With gratitude,

Marj Plumb, DrPH, MNA
Managing Consultant