DECEMBER 6, 2022

Dear Friends:

We wish you healthy and happy holidays! 

We also want to THANK YOU for your support and share with you a MATCHING GIFT opportunity. If we can raise $20,000 through our end-of-year campaign, an anonymous donor will match it. We need $8,000 more to reach our goal. PLEASE GIVE HERE.

Over the past few weeks we’ve shared with you our international, national, and California advocacy efforts. Today we are focused on PEACE. We know that peace is key to solving the world’s intertwined health crises—climate and nuclear disasters. The climate crisis is intensifying international conflict, and continued investments in nuclear weapons redirect precious resources away from equitable health and climate actions, while increasing nuclear risks. Also, the world’s militaries emit 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

This is why SF Bay PSR partners with the Peace Caucus in affiliation with the American Public Health Association. This year, we helped organize a peace-focused program for the APHA 2022 national meeting in Boston, including a featured plenary session, Fund Health Care Not Warfare. The plenary’s prestigious speakers brought to the fore the consequences of U.S. spending priorities for militarism to the detriment of human needs generally, and public health and healthcare specifically. They offered an inspiring alternative vision for the allocation of our nation’s resources.

With your generous gift, in 2023, SF Bay PSR hopes to launch a NEW Peace Project— a health activism incubator working at the intersection of militarism, war, and conflict (MWC), and the climate and racial justice movements to build a new generation of health-professional activists who will safeguard the well-being of our planet. The program will provide policy training, communications, and logistical support for an annual cohort of health-professions students and early-career health professionals engaged in these areas.

Curious to know more about all of our programs? SF Bay PSR’s advocacy efforts gained great momentum this year—read our 2022 Accomplishments Report.

Your investment will help to amplify our health advocacy voices and influence policymakers to shift the world away from military acceleration and toward health- and equity-centered programs that offer true human security and peace.

Please GIVE TODAY to help us reach our goal of $20,000 and your gift will be matched! Please DONATE HERE using our secure online system. 

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We hope you’ll join SF Bay PSR and our network of more than 3,000 thoughtful, committed health advocates in the greater Bay Area in achieving more successes in 2023!

With immense gratitude for all you can give!
We wish you PEACE, HEALTH, and HAPPINESS this holiday season!

SF Bay PSR staff, volunteers, and supporters at our holiday celebration