“Governor Newsom should ensure that the next generation of children in California don’t grow up breathing dangerous air in their homes. Knowing how burning gas damages our lungs, why would we ever subject ourselves to toxic pollutants when we have healthier options with electrification.”

Dr. Robert M. Gould, president of SF Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility in a press release about how 60+ climate and health groups call for Governor Newsom to back a statewide zero-emission building code

DECEMBER 6, 2023

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Recently, a board member of the San Francisco Bay Area Air District told us that SF Bay PSR had a big impact on their vote to phase-out gas and phase-in zero-emission, healthier, electric water heaters and furnaces. Showing up in our white coats, we signaled the growing understanding among health professionals regarding the health benefits of improved air quality that would result from electrifying home appliances, and countered decades of lies by the gas industry that have used tobacco’s playbook to deceive the public and place profits over children’s health. The board voted YES to protect our lives and the climate, and this new rule has become an example for the rest of the nation! And that is just one of the many impacts of your donations!

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