April 19, 2022

Dear Friends,

Last week we wrote to you about the recent UN’s climate report. This week we want to make sure you saw the California legislature’s recently released report on climate change impacts across our state. It warns of worsening fires, floods, economic disruption, and health harms. Like the UN report, it is frightening. However—we have solutions. We can solve the climate crisis, but to do this, we must counter the powerful voices of fossil fuel in CA with our health voices.

Please give today to help us center health and environmental justice issues in California state policy making, and to hold the governor, legislature, and regulatory agencies accountable. DONATE HERE.

This California report is different from past reports because it calls for an all-hands-on-deck approach rather than the past piecemeal plans. It is intended to help lawmakers incorporate climate change solutions into decisions across the board including decisions about housing, health, and education.

Contrary to our reputation, California is not an environmental leader, not yet. Despite having a budget of $15 billion set aside for climate mitigation, the state received a grade of D in 2021, from the CA Environmental Voters score card, for its poor implementation of policies in 2021.

The good news is that SF Bay PSR is having an impact, pushing for swift, just, and equitable implementation of climate mitigation policies. With your help, we can keep up the momentum. Please donate here.

At SF Bay PSR, we are keeping the focus on health and equity in the Bay Area and Sacramento. Some of our efforts include the following:

  • Educating policymakers: Every week, making public comments about how policy and regulatory decisions will impact the health of our communities and the environment.
  • Electrifying buildings project:
    • Educating the public, and city and county regulators about how gas stoves create air pollution, harming the climate and our health.
    • Exposing the fossil fuel industry’s misleading labeling of fossil-fuel gas as “natural” gas and making sure current research about the benefits of electrification reaches the public.
  • Electric vehicles and improving air quality: Pushing to accelerate electric vehicles in CA to improve air quality and meet CA’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.
  • Rooftop solar panel accessibility: Supporting efforts to make rooftop solar panels accessible in CA for working- and middle-class families by countering the energy utilities’ control over the California Public Utility Commission.
  • Environmental justice: Continuing to follow the lead and supporting CA environmental justice organizations—pushing for a phase-out of fossil fuels in CA and advocating for clean air regulators to incorporate a robust public health equity analysis into the state’s blueprint for reducing greenhouse gases.

Every day, SF Bay PSR uses a health lens to connect the dots between the fossil fuel industry, security, our climate crisis, and justice and equity for all. With forty years of experience, we are well positioned to inform and support community efforts to advance science- and health-based solutions.


Or, if you prefer to mail your contribution to us, please send a check to:
SF Bay PSR, 548 Market Street, #90725, San Francisco, CA 94104.

We thank you for any amount you can give to help us mobilize more health professionals and address the intertwined public health emergencies facing our state and the world.

With peace and gratitude,

Robert M. Gould, MD
President of the Board
San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility