“Every step we take to move the world toward peace, health, equity, and justice gives us hope for our children and grandchildren’s future.
That is why I give to SF Bay PSR!”

Patrice Sutton, co-chair of SF Bay PSR’s Environmental Health Committee

DECEMBER 20, 2023

This holiday season, investing in our future is a gift to our young family members and the chance to be part of a movement that is larger than any one person or organization. THANK YOU for being part of our growing community of almost 4,000 medical and public health professionals, scientists, health and community advocates, staff and consultants.

We are so close—please GIVE HERE today to help us reach our goal of $15,000, and an anonymous donor will double it! 

We have no time to waste. We must act at unmatched speed and on an unprecedented scale to prevent what we cannot cure and address the intertwined climate, health, equity, and conflict crises facing our country and our planet. 

Thanks to your support, SF Bay PSR members are out there, year-round, on the frontlines of policy change, using our health voices to advocate for a healthy, peaceful, and just world.

Here are a few of our accomplishments from just this past month:  We presented to Bayview Hunters Point community about the health and equity benefits of electric appliances and harms of gas stoves. We advocated to protect communities in Oakland from the air pollution that would result from expanding the port. We continued to support the CA campaign to end oil drilling near homes, schools, hospitals, and playgrounds. We began our strategies to advocate at the CA Air Resources Board (CARB) in 2024 for building electrification and the enormous climate, air quality, and health benefits it will bring to our state. And we participated in a discussion to educate health professionals about how to advocate to prevent wars, and so much more!

LISTEN HERE to this 6-minute presentation by our Executive Director Marj Plumb on our MANY 2023 achievements, made possible by your support!

We’re gaining ground, but we must keep the momentum going as we enter an election year.
YOU are key to our success!

PLEASE DONATE HERE to help us bring more health- and science-based solutions to policy makers to counter the fossil fuel industry’s well-funded influence.

If you prefer to mail your contribution to us, please send a check to SF Bay PSR, 548 Market Street, #90725, San Francisco, CA 94104. Any amount that you donate will be much appreciated and used well!

If you find it more cost effective to donate stock, please reach out to our Executive Director Marj Plumb to arrange for that transfer at director@sfbaypsr.org.

Please give today and your donation will be doubled! THANK YOU!
Wishing you happy holidays!

Robert M. Gould, MD, President

Tova Fuller, MD, PhD, Vice President

Marj Plumb, DrPH, Executive Director