April 12, 2022

Dear Friends,

You probably saw the United Nation’s climate report released last week on April 4, 2022. While the report warns us that we have vanishing time to avert a climate disaster—it confirms that we have the solutions within our grasp. However, these solutions are not being implemented because the fossil fuel industry is undermining our government’s ability to serve the real and pressing needs of the people.

It is more clear than ever—we must use our health voices to counter the fossil fuel industry’s undue influence. However, we cannot do this alone—we need your help. Please consider MAKING A DONATION today, click here.

And like us, you are probably distraught about Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, the cruel bombing of civilians and hospitals, and the looming threat of the use of nuclear weapons, or a catastrophic nuclear power plant accident. This war is driven in part by the Russian ruling elite’s desire to maximize income from fossil fuels through their control of distribution routes to Europe, and the world’s dependence on these fuels. Switching quickly to non-nuclear green energy will help reduce global conflicts and greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the possibility of nuclear power plant disasters, and create more health and security for all.

Every day, SF Bay PSR uses a health lens to connect the dots between the fossil fuel industry, global security, our climate crisis, and justice and equity for all. With forty years of experience, we are well positioned to inform and support community efforts to advance science- and health-based solutions. Please join us by MAKING A GIFT today, click here.

Following their leadership, we support environmental justice voices in countering the fossil fuel industries’ inordinate influence on California’s legislature and regulatory agencies. Together, we can demand set-backs from oil industry sites to protect our families and communities living nearby. We can transition transportation and buildings to green energy, curbing damaging air pollution, while helping CA to reach our goal of carbon neutrality by 2045. And we can strongly advocate for an expedited shift away from investments in the fossil-fuel and nuclear industries, and exorbitant military budgets, toward Green New Deal policies that create fulfilling jobs and provide real security for all of us.

But we cannot counter the powerful and well-funded voices of the fossil-fuel and military industries without your help. Your generous gift to SF Bay PSR will help us continue our health advocacy efforts throughout this year.


Or, if you prefer to mail your contribution to us, please send a check to:
SF Bay PSR, 548 Market Street, #90725, San Francisco, CA 94104.

We thank you for any amount you can give to help us mobilize more health professionals and address the intertwined public health emergencies facing our world.

With peace and gratitude,

Robert M. Gould, MD
President of the Board
San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility


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