THANK YOU! Our 2023 Gala was a HUGE success!

Thank you to our gala sponsors, auction donors and bidders, and all of you who bought tickets and attended! We hosted 70 guests and raised just over $55,000! Dr. Cheryl Holder gave an inspiring talk about how to provide medical prevention and care strategies for poor communities impacted by climate change. Four emerging health-activists (our future leaders!) were presented with awards and their work to protect patients and communities from climate health harms and inequity was celebrated. The evening was beautifully rounded out by the exciting auction and soothing classical guitar performance.

Please see below for more information about our generous Gala Sponsors and Auction Donors!

All proceeds will directly support our efforts to counter the fossil fuel and nuclear industries’ influence on public policy, and actively support frontline communities’ efforts to secure health and environmental justice.

Stay tuned for more details about our four Emerging Health Professional Awardees!

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THANK YOU to Dr. Cheryl Holder for her inspiring keynote speech!

Dr. Cheryl L. Holder, a graduate of Princeton University and George Washington University School of Medicine, a National Health Service Corp Scholar, Internist, and HIV Specialist served as Medical Director of one of Miami’s largest community health centers and on NIH and CDC health advisory and programmatic review panels. She dedicated her career to improving health of underserved populations.

In 2009, she joined Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine’ faculty, where she taught about the social determinants of health, diversity, and the health impact of climate change. She retired  December 31, 2022, as the Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity and Community Initiatives.

Her leadership roles include organizations such as president of Florida State Medical Association, Founder and Co-Chair of Florida Clinicians for Climate Action and Co-chair of Miami Dade Heat Health Task Force. Her TED Talk “The link between climate change, health and poverty” has garnered over 300,000 views.

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THANK YOU to our generous INSTITUTIONAL Gala Sponsors!

Learn more about our Gala Sponsors’ outstanding work to improve climate, health, and equity!

SF Bay PSR is grateful to work with the sponsors below toward a just transition to healthier, all-electric buildings in the Bay Area.

What is Community Choice Energy?
Community choice energy programs are administered by local governments with a mission to provide competitive alternatives to for-profit, investor-owned utilities like PG&E. On top of providing cleaner power, Community Choice programs are a great way to accrue benefits locally — rather than to the shareholders of a monopoly, for-profit utility. Choosing a local power provider is an easy, economical way to reduce your home or business carbon footprint and help create a healthier environment. Check out their resources at the links below!

Bay Area Regional Energy Provider (BayREN), offers rebates, funding and technical assistance to help residents, property owners, business owners and local governments improve the resource-efficiency and carbon footprint of their buildings.

Interested in a FREE, personalized, building electrification plan?
makes upgrading your home to healthier, clean energy simple with free expert guidance, rebates, and vetted contractors.

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THANK YOU to our COMMUNITY ALLY Gala Sponsors!

We are honored to work with these community-led nonprofits.
Please take a moment to read about their important climate and health equity projects.

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THANK YOU to our generous INDIVIDUAL Gala Sponsors below!

Robert M. Gould, MD & Patrice Sutton, MPH
Janice L. Kirsch, MD, MPH
Tom Newman, MD, MPH & Johannah Newman, PharmD

Michael D. Geschwind, MD, PhD
Rohini Haar, MD, MPH

ADVOCATES – $1,000 
James Dahlgren Medical
Michael J. Martin, MD, MPH & Jeannee P. Martin, RN, MPH
Mary L. Williams, MD & Peter M. Elias, MD

Barbara C. Erny, MD
Sarah Janssen, MD, PhD, MPH
Marjaneh Moini, MD
Marj Plumb, DrPH & Tracy Weitz, PhD
Jeff Ritterman, MD & Viv Jen Feyer
Gina Solomon, MD, MPH

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Margaret Chen & Captain Clinton Young
Alina Bushnell
Michael Geschwind
Robert Gould & Patrice Sutton
Julie Lindow & Peter Maravelis
San Francisco Botanical Gardens
Oakland Zoo
San Francisco Opera
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Susan Liroff
Robin Cooper
Nancy Newman & Mark Walstrom
San Francisco Giants
Marj Plumb
Ahimsa Porter Sumchai
Vanessa Munoz
Mary Williams & Peter Elias
Planet Granite
Carla Montagno
Loulena Miles

THANK YOU to auction bidders and to everyone who attended the gala and supported our work!

SF Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Annual Gala was on September 27, 2023, featuring Dr. Cheryl Holder, an inspiring speaker and advocate for comprehensive medical prevention and care strategies for underserved communities impacted by climate change.  There was also be Emerging Health Professional Awards and musical performances. The gala supported our efforts to mobilize more health professionals, engage more policy makers, and bring more urgency to address our climate crisis, the expanding threats of nuclear weapons, and growing racial and economic disparities.

As health professionals, we are acutely aware that individual health providers and institutions have a responsibility to not only care for our patients, but to also support health-protective public policies, particularly to protect vulnerable communities. A single policy change, such as improving air quality standards, can improve health inequities and save more lives than can any single physician or hospital.

The growing climate crisis represents the foremost challenge to human health we face. This is why our members’ white coats can be found front and center at regulatory agency meetings, advocating for the most protective policies for our climate and health.

Gala sponsors gained valuable visibility among our 4,000 plus email recipients and another 1,000 plus health professionals and advocates via social media, in addition to spotlighting your institution for gala guests. Sponsorships demonstrated commitment to addressing the climate crisis and its related health inequities, and to protecting our patients and communities from environmental-related health harms.

SF Bay PSR combines the power of community activism with the knowledge and credibility of health professionals. We promote public policies that support our intertwined areas of concentration: environmental health with a special focus on the climate crisis and related environmental toxic degradation; nuclear weapons abolition and the end to the arms race; social and racial justice and the health burdens of vulnerable communities; and education and empowerment of the public and next generation of health professionals.