“As a healthcare provider, I feel compelled to work with SF Bay PSR because PSR is aggressively and thoughtfully working to reduce the risks we all face from climate change, nuclear weapons, and the degradation of our environment. By working together with other healthcare professionals, I can have a real and tangible impact. That gives me hope and optimism that we can make our world a better and more livable place for all peoples.” Dr. Michael Martin, SF Bay PSR Board Member

NOVEMBER 28, 2023

Dear Friends:

Are you wondering how you can help to advance health- and science-based solutions to protect communities, the climate, and move our world toward peace? You can do all of this by making a generous donation to San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility (SF Bay PSR).

GIVE TODAY and your gift will be matched up to $15,000!

The urgency of our efforts is underscored by the most recent United Nations Climate Report outlining the need for countries to more swiftly lower carbon emissions to reduce global warming; by the November World Health Organization Report on the devastating health harms of climate change; by the COP28 global conference that for the first time has launched a declaration on climate and health while ignoring profound inequities that propel global warming as described here. Also, be sure to read the letter to COP28 leaders, supported by organizations that represent 46.3 million health professionals and outlines the critical need to protect human health by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. And there is the urgency of the horrific and heartbreaking humanitarian crisis of the Israel-Hamas war—read this call to end the violence and address the health consequences.

But together, we can make a difference. THANK YOU for being part of our growing community of medical and public health professionals, scientists, health and community advocates, staff and consultants.

With your generous gifts, we advocate for policies and regulations to protect and improve the health of entire communities and our planet. Here are just a few of our 2023 achievements:

  • We deepened our work in allyship with environmental justice organizations to protect our communities from the health harms of the oil industry in California by supporting efforts to maintain health-protective zones around oil wells, stop new oil permits, force the industry to clean up old oil wells, prevent new pipelines and useless carbon capture projects, and strengthen California’s referendum process to prevent Big Oil from exploiting our democracy.
  • We supported Bay Area community-led environmental justice organizations working to protect their residents who are living near toxic sites and polluted transportation routes, and confronting the rising bay waters due to climate change.
  • Our white coats were on the frontlines of the Bay Area building electrification movement, and we had a big VICTORY this year! The Bay Area Air District passed the first-in-the-nation, zero-emissions appliance standards for furnaces and water heaters, effectively phasing out gas appliances, phasing in healthier electric appliances, and eventually improving Bay Area air quality—saving up to 85 lives and avoiding 110 new asthma cases each year.
  • SF Bay PSR was asked to be expert witness for the proposed Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, which California, the fifth largest economy, recently endorsed!
  • And last but not least, SF Bay PSR leaders worked closely with the Peace Caucus in affiliation with the American Public Health Association (APHA) to endorse a policy statement calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and Israel.
  • READ MORE in our 2023 Accomplishments Report, and you will see the impact of your investment.

We cannot do all of this without your help.
PLEASE GIVE TODAY and your gift will be matched!
If we raise $15,000, it will be doubled to $30,000!


Or, if you prefer to mail your contribution to us, please send a check to SF Bay PSR, 548 Market Street, #90725, San Francisco, CA 94104. Any amount that you donate will be much appreciated and used well!

If you find it more cost effective to donate stock, please reach out to our Executive Director Marj Plumb to arrange for that transfer at director@sfbaypsr.org.

We hope you’ll join SF Bay PSR and our network of almost 4,000 thoughtful, committed health advocates in the greater Bay Area in achieving more successes in 2024!

Peace and gratitude,

Robert M. Gould, MD, President

Tova Fuller, MD, PhD, Vice President

Marj Plumb, DrPH, Executive Director