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water distribution to Yemen people

Water crisis caused by the war in the city of Taiz South Yemen. Yemen / Taiz City. 11/02/2018, By anasalhajj

Yemen was declared the world’s largest humanitarian disaster by the United Nations in 2017, yet we have seen little media coverage and global outcry. Please join SF Bay PSR to learn more about this crisis from the perspective of physicians and public health experts.

According to recent reports more than 100,000 men, women, and children have been killed in the ongoing armed conflicts taking place in Yemen, including more than 12,000 civilian fatalities, and 85,000 deaths from starvation and disease during this six-year civil war because armed combatants on all sides refused to allow international aid organizations to deliver much needed food, water, medicine, and other relief supplies.

In 2018, with public sentiment turning against involvement in yet another foreign war, the U.S. Congress passed, and President Trump ultimately vetoed, a resolution that would have cut off continued military assistance to Saudi-led bombing campaigns in Northern Yemen. Unfortunately, since that time, other pressing events, including the onset of COVID-19, have pushed the crisis in Yemen out of the spotlight.

This 75-minute panel presentation, organized by Sarah Bakir as part of her summer internship with SF Bay PSR, provides an opportunity for members, supporters, and guests to learn about the armed conflict in Yemen and its devastating social, economic, and health consequences.

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Sarah Bakir, First-Year MPH Student UC Berkeley

Sarah Bakir is an MPH student studying Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California Berkeley, School of Public Health. She is a summer intern at the San Francisco Bay chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (SF Bay PSR) and will continue her internship in the fall. She is also an advisor to all the student chapters of California Physicians Alliance across California. Within public health, she is most interested in humanitarian health and infectious disease.

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Jehan Hakim, Founder and Chair of Yemeni Alliance Committee

Jehan Hakim is a San Francisco native with a degree in Political Science. She now lives in the East Bay with her four children. Her family is originally from Yemen. She is the founder and chair of the Yemeni Alliance Committee, a social advocacy group working to resist anti-Yemeni policies. Jehan is also on the board of Just Foreign Policy.

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Robert M. Gould, MD, SF Bay PSR Board President

Dr. Gould is an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine where he is a Collaborator with the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment (PRHE). Until 2012, Dr. Gould worked as a pathologist at Kaiser Hospital in San Jose, California. He has been President of San Francisco Bay PSR since 1989, and has been on the Board of National PSR since 1993, serving as President in 2003 and 2014. Dr. Gould is Chairperson of the American Public Health Association’s Peace Caucus, and also a leading member of the Environmental Committee of the Santa Clara County chapter of the California Medical Association (CMA). Dr. Gould has authored numerous book chapters on the health impacts of nuclear weapons, including War and Public Health (2007, Oxford University Press) and Terrorism and Public Health (2011, Oxford University Press), and was the co-author (with Thomas Bodenheimer) of Rollback! Right-wing Power in U.S. Foreign Policy (1989, South End Press).